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How it all started

In Spring 2023 a group of Skelmersdale residents with a strong passion for social running decided to form their own social running club in the Skelmersdale area. They wanted to create an environment that was friendly, approachable and enjoyable for everyone. The aim would be to support and encourage all members regardless of their ability or background. The focus would always be on participation, not performance, the social element and being part of one supportive running family.

The group agreed on the name Skelmersdale Running Club and to base their weekly club runs at the Plough & Harrow Pub in Skelmersdale due it's convenient location in-between the scenic Beacon Country Park and the quiet trails of Pimbo and Up Holland. They also serve great pints and lovely hot food, which was a deal clincher. 

On the first club night 7 enthusiastic runners attended and within a month the club was averaging a respectful 15 runners per week. 

On the 31st May 2023, Skelmersdale Running Club was officially affiliated to England Athletics. SRC England Athletic Affiliation Certificate


About us

Skelmersdale Running Club like to keep running simple, fun and rewarding without expecting our members to be of a certain standard. We enjoy meeting up as friends, running together and having the occasional pint or slice of cake afterwards. We take part in a mixture of running events during the year, with a strong emphasis on supporting each other and being part of a team. 
We enjoy all forms of running and like to make the most of our beautiful local green spaces.  

Why the Daffodil and green colours?

The first landmark drivers notice as they head into Skelmersdale town centre from J4 off M58 is the Marie Curie monument on Hope island. The Daffodil signifies the start of new beginnings, growth and creativity. Skelmersdale Running Club also formed in Spring 2023, just as the Daffodil's were blooming around the town, so the daffodil felt symbolic.


Skelmersdale Running Club chose the colour Green as it represents nature, growth, rebirth, health and hope. Skelmersdale is also well known for having many pleasant green spaces, for example Tawd Valley Park and Beacon Country Park. The word green is also associated with various areas in the town such as Elmers Green, Birch Green, Fosters Green and The Green Hill.


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Hope Island Sculpture, Skelmersdale
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