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Skelmersdale Running Club Family

Sharing goals and achievements together. 


What is a running family?

A "running family" is a term used to describe the close-knit, supportive, and community-oriented relationships that form among members of Skelmersdale Running Club. While we are not related by blood (although several are), we share a common love for running and often develop strong bonds that resemble those of a family.

Here's what Skelmersdale Running Club family has to offer:

Supportive Community: Members of our running family provide emotional support, encouragement, and motivation to one another. Whether someone is just starting out or training for a challenging race, the running family is there to offer advice, cheers, and a sense of belonging.


Shared Goals: Our running family consists of individuals with varying levels of experience and abilities. While each member may have unique goals, they share a common passion for running and fitness. The shared pursuit of personal and collective goals strengthens the sense of camaraderie.


Celebration of Achievements: In our running family, each member's achievements, whether big or small, are celebrated. From completing a first 5K to setting a personal best in a marathon, these accomplishments are recognised and applauded by fellow members.


Accountability: Just like a regular family, our running family is accountable. We encourage each other to stick to training plans, show up for group runs, and maintain a consistent running routine.


Training Together: Skelmersdale Running Club organize group runs and workouts, allowing members to train together and share the experience of overcoming challenges and pushing their limits.


Inclusivity: We welcome runners of all backgrounds, ages, and fitness levels. The emphasis is on creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and accepted.


Mentoring: Our experienced runners will provide guidance and mentorship to newer members. This mentorship can range from training tips and pacing advice to helping newcomers integrate into the group.


Social Interaction: Skelmersdale Running Club family extends beyond the trails or roads. We organise social events, gatherings, and even non-running activities, fostering a sense of friendship and community beyond the shared activity of running.


Shared Experiences: Skelmersdale Running Club family experiences the highs and lows of training, races, and personal challenges together. The shared experiences create a strong bond that goes beyond the miles run.


Long-Term Connections: Members of Skelmersdale Running Club will develop lifelong friendships that extend beyond running. These connections are based on shared experiences, mutual respect, and a shared passion for leading active and healthy lives.

Come and be part of our growing family. 

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